Parution de l'ouvrage de Thibaut Clément (co-auteur) "Key Concepts in Theme Park Studies"

Key Concepts in Theme Park Studies

L'ouvrage Key Concepts in Theme Park Studies, Understanding Tourism and Leisure Spaces, dont Thibaut Clément est co-auteur sur cinq chapitres, vient de paraître chez Springer.

Key Concepts in Theme Park Studies, Understanding Tourism and Leisure Spaces

  • Defines the most central concepts in theme park studies
  • Analyzes the development, design, and operation of theme parks as well as their visitors and employees
  • Discusses theme parks worldwide and from the big international chains to smaller, regional, family-operated parks

This book offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary introduction to theme parks and the field of theme park studies. It identifes and discusses relevant economic, social, and cultural as well as medial, historical, and geographical aspects of theme parks worldwide, from the big international theme park chains to smaller, regional, family-operated parks. The book also describes the theories and methods that have been used to study theme parks in various academic disciplines and reviews the major
contexts in which theme parks have been studied. By providing the necessary backgrounds, theories, and methods to analyze and understand theme parks both as a business field and as a socio-cultural phenomenon, this book will be a great resource
to students, academics from all disciplines interested in theme parks, and professionals and policy-makers in the leisure and entertainment as well as the urban planning sector.

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