Murder in Manhattan: Stanford White and the 'Unwritten Law' in New York at the Fin-de-Siecle

Simon Baatz is a professor of history at John Jay College, CUNY, where he teaches American legal history.  He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and he has taught world history, American history and the history of science at universities in Britain and the United States. He is the author of For the Thrill of It: Leopold Loeb, and the Murder that Shocked Chicago (New York, 2008)

Political Culture and Political Movements in the Neoliberal City

Second event of the project « Places and Cultures of Capitalism: New Histories from the
Grassroots » co-organized by CREA-Université Paris Nanterre, HDEA-Université Paris-Sorbonne,
University College London & University of York.
10:30-12pm - Morning workshop: “Researching the Neoliberal City” with Tamara Boussac (HDEA-Université Paris Sorbonne), Luke Carroll (University of York), Marion Marchet (HDEA-Université Paris
Sorbonne), Clément PeFtjean (HDEA-Université Paris Sorbonne) and Vladimir Rizov (University of York)