"Future of Work: An Inquiry into Discourses and Practices" Symposium, Nov 25-26, 2021

This international conference will be a venue for re- searchers to discuss their pluridisciplinary findings about the ever-growing number of discourses on “the future of work”, as well as the social practices which claim to be anticipating, experimenting or shaping this “future”. Following a five-year closed seminar that has analyzed a substantial sample of discourses from a va- riety of sources, and whose results will be synthetized in the introduction, the time has come to give the floor to researchers who have studied in depth the shaping of these discourses in several contexts.

It will start with the premise established in Ursula Huws’ keynote address that understanding the issue first requires avoiding the utopian and dystopian biases to focus on the actual mechanisms by which the future of work is shaped. Indeed, putting utopias and dysto- pias at a distance invites us to an enquiry into the way they deal with the issue of work and labor. In-depth studies of discourses on the future of work in various organizational contexts will then illustrate the dialec- tical relationship between changes and discourses about change; the key issues of the future of wages and occupational statuses in the public debate will be addressed, as will be the critiques of work that inform the whole debate on the future of work.

A close look at what happens to professions when they go on platform, in this case education, will help participants take stock of the possible futures of their own work. Finally, the ongoing reconfigurations of workplaces made possible by digitalization and the dis- courses that stem from them will be discussed.

The Symposium's full program is available below.

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